".... up to date Stock quantities & all processes fully managed! "

Stock Management Features ...

Improve accuracy

Automated calculations remove the possibility of errors when adding or removing stock from inventory.

Integrated with procurement

Full management of the procurement cycle.
Automated costing of products.

Live stock levels

Have an accurate idea of what is happening in your inventory this very second.
Know when items need to be reordered.

Consignment stock

Powerful consignment stock features transforms the way you do business.

An organised inventory is the foundation of an organised business. That’s why you need tools to manage it efficiently. AMS combines real time stock data with precise automation to integrate stock management into your business processes.

"....simple and easy to use, a laptop, internet access & you're ready to go!"

... more stock management features

Integrated with sales

Stock levels automatically adjust according to the sales activity happening in your business.

Enhanced stock takes

Automatically create stock take documentation.
Keep a record of all stock takes in a single database.

Integrated with accounting

Accounting of inventory is fully automated.

Better organisation

Create and manage storage zones within your warehouse, shop or storage space.
Manage stock from multiple branches

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