Managed accounting

Accurate accounting can decide the success or failure of your business. That’s why we’ve done it for you - improving the cashflow. AMS gives you access to live, automated and accurate accounting data transforming accounting from a burden into a decision-making tool.

"....the most complete business management solution available today"

Features ...


Eliminates time-consuming processes.
Ensures accurate and reliable data.
Speeds up routine procedures.

Access data anywhere

Keep track of transactions from outside the office.

View transaction details

Drill down to see the finest detail of every transaction.
You have access to powerful auditing tools.


Handles increasing accounting demands as your business grows.
Don’t need to employ additional admin staff.

An organised inventory is the foundation of an organised business. That’s why you need tools to manage it efficiently. AMS combines real time stock data with precise automation to integrate stock management into your business processes.

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... Features

Generate reports

Turns accounting into a decision-making tool.

Automated VAT

Comply with legislation without the stress. Cut external auditing costs

Live financial statements

Real time income statement and balance sheet.

Cost savings

Better utilise employees Eliminate admin costs