"....the most complete business management sotfware available today! "

The only business software you will ever need!

Our business software provides you the tools to assist and manage your workflows and processes that you already apply on a day to day basis. Our software is rich with functionality yet easy to understand and use, seamlessly allowing actions to pass information on to multiple departments without them needing to request or duplicate it. Imagine all you business data available in an instance.

Fully integrated

Sales | Procurement | Managed Accounting | Stock management | Website Catalogue | and so much more... By incorporating the Business Processors with the detailed Workflows we can help your business grow.

Cloud software

A web based solution and with multiple applications built in as one. The All-in-One Solution, no longer limiting your requirements for APS's between applications at an extra cost.

An organised inventory is the foundation of an organised business. That’s why you need tools to manage it efficiently. AMS combines real time stock data with precise automation to integrate stock management into your business processes.
Managed Workflows & Processes


Our business management processors have detailed workflows and with all the necessary features imbedded into our solution, the convenience of "Keeping it Familiar" will lead to a greater customer experience.

Cost effective

To achieve what Asset managed Solutions has, will require you to firstly purchase many applications, then integrate them, and learn to use them - All Individually! Why not have One solution? - "Keeping it familiar".

Accurate accounting can decide the success or failure of your business. That’s why we’ve done it for you - improving the cashflow. AMS gives you access to live, automated and accurate accounting data transforming accounting from a burden into a decision-making tool.
Managed Accounting


By providing an affordable solution to the Micro and Medium sized SME's you can finally - improve your knowledge, remove human error and so scale up and grow due to the consolidation of your software.


All our emails, statements, stock management costing processes, the managed accounting, providing instant Balance sheets and Income statements are just some of a features that are facilitated in the background.

Finally!! Plug ’n play software that is simple and easy to use, just a laptop, internet access and you’re ready to go, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world.
designed to be Simple

Business to Business

Our customer console provides information, necessary to the Staff person's within their organisation (company) with ease. The Admin Role based access provides limited access and so much more. A True B2B experience.

Business Reports

Live reports, available when needed, with drill down detailed features, like never before. All reports provided, are there to eliminate the need export data that can be manipulated for possible personal gain.

To stay competitive a business needs tools that enhance decision making. That’s why the integration of data fed into your business, provides us the ability to generate powerful reports so that you can anticipate problems, review performance and improve the quality of your strategic planning.
A Truly Integrated Experience

No Duplication

AMS cuts out the need for duplication. As a cloud solution we request all information for your inventory, thus show casing your product as an website catalogue - Now you can activate E-commerce - "Keeping it Familiar"

Safe, secure & backed up

Our detail to security, has been our number one objective, and so provides you the knowledge that your date is in a Safe and Secure environment 24/7 and with built in redundancy we offer a 99.9% service up time.

A good website catalogue makes it easy for people to do business with you, by show casing your inventory. That’s why AMS provides this website catalogue with out the need for duplication.
website Catalogue


Our simple yet easy to use accounting features are designed to help you understand your accounts, a first for any SME business solution. Imagine a world where you can incorporate your accountant remotely and allow them to correct expense related items as needed.

"....simple and easy to use, a laptop, internet access & you're ready to go!"

".....enhanced ability to communicate leads to a greater customer satisfaction!"
customer satisfaction

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