The Journey

In the mid 2000’s I, Caradoc Lance, believed that there must be a way that Micro to Medium sized SME’s could eventually purchase software that would empower them in the same manner that large organisations were able to, by implementing software to run the organisation, thus allowing there business to grow stronger overtime, due to imperative workflows, and excellent business processors, all of which would start in the millions, and was out of reach for the SME in terms of business investment.

"....the most complete business management solution available today"

Over time the Internet grew stronger, speeds increased, and so in time, I started implementing a cloud based application to manage websites, then adding tools that would assist, a partnership was formed, and from 2010 the cloud based application would start to become a real business tool, providing features that would see his business increase in turnover 10 fold, actually it was so efficient that he found huge savings in many departments. Soon after SOMS Marketing PTY Ltd today trading as Asset Managed Solutions, was setup and development kicked into another gear. We started to apply many features where most software would find a way to integrate with other software. Integrating features and modules and apply business processes, would allow for the increase in automation, and bring together workflows that would increase productivity, efficiency and along with managed accounting provide that all-in-one plug and play business solution.
The application is real
My vision was on track, when suddenly it took a turn when we involved ourselves with the eventing and hire trade, and our product started to evolve. This new trade, forced us into some major updates and changes, to the degree where the business focus started drifting, development became one sided and client focused. Had the software evolved whereby it would no longer be affordable to the SME's?
how to make it affordable

"....simple and easy to use, a laptop, internet access & you're ready to go!"

Time passed and 2020 arrived, and the dreaded virus COVID-19 forced the world into lock down, and all business came to a standstill. The possibility of the eventing trade could collapse completely, forced drastic changes, and so by October 2020 funding came to a sudden stop. Development came to a standstill. I needed time to gather my thoughts, consider new options, then realising I have a running and a proved cloud based software solution, still providing a service to a small number of customers, I started to ponder!

So in 2021, I took the time to research, test the market to help clarify and confirm, that I have a complete business management solution, that can go to market. Most important to make sure it is an affordable solution to the micro to medium sized SME’s, initially within South Africa, and in a few years expand worldwide.

To be continued…
innovation and efficiency